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I can't believe this feeling seeping out my smile
Björk: Forgive This Tribe
I am having a beautiful lovely lazy day.

Yesterday, I spent the day with Mariah at the ROM.

We were in a very quiet area in the Chinese gallery when she told me her good news. I revealed that her mom had sort of told me on fbook, without being specific that Mariah had "BIG.GOOD. NEWS." then she showed me the ring on her finger (I'm trying to not be gossippy because they want to tell people themselves, so I haven't told Dayna or anyone, but I had to write it down and no one reads this haha). And I did a sort of silent, ridiculous squeal that I could not control and hugged her like crazy and then we turned a corner and saw a group getting a tour, they were mad staring at us haha, and we giggled and deeked out of that area. I was so shocked, and I could not stop smiling and squealing and hugging her.

We wandered all the exhibits, but were mostly there to see the Douglas Coupland exhibit. It is incredible, it is so colourful and vivid and each piece is such an interesting representation of creativity, identity, society, technology, human nature... all the things I absolutely love about his writing. It is very inspiring: everywhere is anywhere is anything is everything.

Then we walked all the way back to their place, like a 40 min walk but it was a gorgeous warm day. We stopped at Bulk barn (of course) to pick up candy.

For the rest of the night we hung out with Zach and played hours of GTA haha. It really sucks you in. At one point I flew a blimp, and I jumped out of it without a parachute and watched myself die a gnarly death. It was kind of hilarious.

There was this moment:
Mariah: (trying to remember the name of an actor)... you know, that dude, with the wide-neck
Me: Channing Tatum.

And Zach just laughed and shook his head, and was like: how can you guys do that haha. We finish each others sentences and have so many stories and memories shared. Zach was laughing at us because we would be amazing charades partners. And how have we never really played that with each other?

I love them so much.

In regards to school: it is going, I guess. I haven't been back since the strike. I have just been doing my weekly quizzes from my bed mostly. Basically just have a 10pg paper due on the 29th, and then a 6pg paper due on the 4th. Then an exam sometime in the middle of May. It's not that bad and I think I can deal with it and pull off Bs. Maybe? I don't really care as long as they're not Fs.

THEN SUMMER. And work. And lots of money.


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