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Why do some things stay the same, when some don't
Björk: Forgive This Tribe
I'm a gross teenager, trapped in a grown-up shade
Need someone to clean up the mess I made
Say it will be fine

So, some things:

  • Happy to be done the school year. Found out I got a D on the year long course that I was worried about failing, so I'm STOKED. No one has ever been this ecstatic to get a D haha, I think they probably just didn't want to fuck up the bell curve, or something. But again, fuckin' stoked at just barely passing!

  • Need to get a head start on my online course or else it will not go well, even though it seems relatively easy and super interesting. Gotta stay on top of it and get my time management on point. Fuck.

  • Work is intense. My direct manager is out of commission for an indefinite period of time with a head injury. He is doing okay considering the doctors apparently are surprised that he's even alive, let alone recognising people, and writing, and worrying about work things he was supposed to do, and his hockey picks haha. He's not able to speak yet but his progress is pretty impressive. It will definitely be a long haul for him and his family. He was writing that he wanted pop apparently, but as BD said today, it looked more like he wanted pot, not pop, which is hilarious and so like him.

  • Work is intense pt 2. So anyways, I've been working a bunch of extra shifts to help out. I wish I could help more, but as I've discovered I'm terrible at consoling people and dealing with these awful situations, and seeing his family everyday is hard. I'm trying to stay strong for people and just do my job, because what else can I really do?

  • Work is intense pt 3. This should be the final part of this rant. The revision of this next month's schedule was just emailed out to us, and I am pretty surprised and disappointed, he told me I was getting a bunch more shifts. I got 2 extra shifts, while M got 7 extra, so in total she has 4 more shifts than me... how is that fair? I feel like I'm being punished, but all I've done this past week is take all the shifts I can and do all the jobs they give me and offer my assistance. And I feel a little fucked over. Especially because he switched around a lot of shifts, so I'm mostly opening (which is a shift where we make zero tips, and tend to be shorter shifts) while the other girls, and new girls by the way, are closing, which I think is bullshit (I have ALL the seniority). But everyone at work is so stressed and have so much on their plate, that I hate to be the whiner/complainer who wants more shifts/money, but I just want him to know that I hope June is more fair. I also try to avoid confrontation at all cost, but I think I need to be more assertive. And if they need help in managerial capacities that I would be the perfect person for that job because I have been there so long and I know way more about how things are run than they know. I need to keep offering my help, and maybe they will finally delegate.

  • Ughhh, this has been stressing me out so much. I really haven't been sleeping well. Plus I have had to get up by 6:30 all this week.

  • But yo, I got a new bed, which is hella exciting. I tend to just end up laying in bed whenever I'm not working.

  • SUPER LOVING THE NEW EPS OF ORPHAN BLACK. Thursday nights are extreme love! :D

  • I had a lovely evening of food and fun times and reggae with my lady friends, plus Zach, on Friday for Mcray's birthday. That was a highlight of my past couple weeks. Miss them already.

That's about it.

Pitter patter, let's get at 'er.


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