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I want you to know that I'm still trying (Baby, be my guru)
Björk: Forgive This Tribe
Long time no post.
School. Blah. Work. Blah. Undealt with anxiety and depression. Blah.
Same ole shit, different day/month/year.

Just a quickie:
Did some calculations with my school's gpa calculator, and I discovered that even if I get D's in my last 4 courses, I will still have a high enough gpa to graduate in April. Yassssss. This has been something that I have been sorta worried about. Just need to pass all 4, which for me is harder than it sounds.

My GPA right now is 4.7, which is like almost a C+ (ughhh, I'm a fucking dumbass, don't judge me). But my program only requires that my cumulative gpa is at least 4.0.

I'm not saying that I won't try to do better than D's, but It's reassuring that if when I have intense meltdowns, as long as I actually hand in things (no matter how garabge they are) and go to most classes, and not fucking give up (giving up is my A-game), I will be okay. That seems like a reasonable and, possibly even, a realistic goal for me.

Bahaha, what is my life.
I will be okay. Just need to repeat this always.

This song's lyrics speak to my depression-riddled, and lazy self:

I’m chillin’ on the sofa
I don’t wanna yoga
I don’t want to life right now

And ooh, I see outside it's changing seasons
But I’m burning all my daylight sleepin’

Good vibrations swirlin’ ‘round me
So why does changing hurt so badly

Got some scruff goin’, gotta shave it
Get my diet up, no more eating bacon
Get a bathe in, bet it'd feel amazing
Climb up from the cave I created in my basement


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