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bet i look amusing, cause my addiction to these contradictions make it confusing
Björk: Forgive This Tribe
I did it.
The moment I submitted my paper I just sighed in relief and then pumped my arms in the air in a silent "Steve Holt."
And it was technically only 13 hours late.
Like I was seriously so proud of myself. I think it wasn't too bad, though I am afraid to reread it, it's too soon. And I honestly don't care because the semester is over and there's nothing else I could do.

Since then, I have been watching extreme amounts of tv. Lots of South Park, and rewatching Rick and Morty. And I'm about to start Westworld.

Also, another thing, my fascination with true crime, murder documentaries has been reinvigorated. I finally finished watching Making a Murderer, like 2 weeks ago. I was so into it. Then I watched Amanda Knox yesterday, and The Central Park Five today. And it just makes me so upset, in all of these cases the police or detectives essentially coerced false confessions. They were interrogated so intensely and just wanted to go home, and said what the police wanted to hear. And that is what put them in jail, not concrete evidence. And the media just blows everything up and out of proportion.

I really do not want to think about what would happen if I was accused of a crime, I would definitely crack under pressure. I can't even begin to imagine what that situation would be like.

Ughhh... Okay, back to happy, funtime, holiday stuff.

I was moderately productive today, I cleaned the tub and shower and did dishes.

Christmas is coming so soon, I still have all my shopping to do. I think it's this intense amount of snow that we have, and how friggin' cold it is, that is making me never what to leave my house. Haven't been out in 4 days. Eventually I will have to make myself shower and put some clothes on.

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