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I might disintegrate into the thin air if you'd like
Björk: Forgive This Tribe
I just had an exhausting night at work.
Emotionally and physically.

Physically, it just takes a lot out of my body to be on my feet for 11 hours, mostly because I'm so not used to that this time of year. In the summer, that has been my norm when I'm working full time (basically). My back hurt so much by the end, I could barely bend enough to put all the chairs up.

Emotionally, I was just angry at Eric all night. And angry with myself, and the thought that I will never get out of that place. They have all these new plans of how to manage weddings, without discussing it with us, the ones who actually have to work and clean up after them. Ugh. Mak and I were so frustrated. And as she pointed out, E was talking down to us and, like, implying we don't work hard enough and that he does it faster (I don't even know, I was reading between the lines there). He drives me crazy. And he brags and lies, and Mak and I catch him in lies. And he denies it ever happening, even when it's in text. He is a world class bullshitter, and I fucking hate him, let's just put it like that.

The new policy for a wedding worked by 2 people: one person comes in early, one person comes in slightly later (right before cocktail hour), the first person leaves by 2am, the other stays and does clean up. Which is a normal sort of thing in other venues, bars etc. when you have a larger staff, you have some come in early, leave early, others come in later and stay til close. I get that. But not when you ONLY have 2 people working, that shit is unheard of.  You don't leave someone there alone to do all the clean up. And that is how most of our weddings are staffed, I would say less than 25% of our weddings have 3 bartenders. They are concerned about the amount of hours we're working. Which is just complete bullshit. As of right now, when we have a 2 person wedding, we both stay til the end no matter when we came in, because clean up is so much smoother when you have 2 people. Because we have to: clean up and put away the bar; restock the fridges for the next event; clean off tables of all glasswear, decorations, and linens; put linens in bags; gather glasses and run through dishwasher, and put them all away; put away any candles etc. that are ours; stack chairs onto tables; clean off patio tables and put away seat cushions (in the summer); count the cash (if it's not an open bar); take out garbage; take empties down to storage room; amongst other random jobs listed on a huge checklist. Which generally takes us 45mins-2 hours after everyone leaves, with 2 people working (depending on how busy of a night it was, because some of it can be done throughout the night, but other weddings we have it all to do at the end). And now they want one person to be left all alone (in a huge venue, that is honestly lacking in proper security) to do most of these jobs. It will take that person double the time it would take for 2 people to do it roughly. At least to do it properly.

And they say it's because they need to cut down on hours, yet again, fuck that. You can afford to pay one person an extra fucking hour (approximately $11.40) for them to help out, and clean up as a team, which is better for everyone. And perhaps we will actually do everything right and perfectly like their fucking obnoxious checklist requires.

This is all besides the point that working 8-12 hr shifts (this is roughly the average for our wedding shifts, occassionally we work 13-14 hrs) is brutal, and sometimes marginally illegal. And we usually get one designated break to eat dinner (I usually take 15mins and that's it), and a few extra bathroom breaks, at least this is what I have experienced. That's all we feel comfortable taking when the bar is crazy busy, at least for me, I feel guilty taking too long of breaks when there's only one other person. Maybe I should be more adamant about government allowed breaks for long ass shifts, and really time them. My point being that we are completely exhausted by the end and the thought of doing most of that clean-up by myself post-2am makes me want to cry.

So, sigh, rant over. This is why I continue to need LJ. So I don't cry at work, YAY.

TL;DR: Weddings are hard work. I hate my manager. And I really need a grown up/desk job soon.

But overall, the wedding was great, busy but not wild, the crowd was really nice and really fucking drunk by the end, it was an open bar which is also super easy to work, and they were gone by 1:30. Sweet. Tips should also be pretty solid.

It was really nice to see Matt. And my mom's old friends from highschool, one of which is my dental hygienist haha, they were the sweetest.

Oh my god.
Classes start in 2 days. I am nervous and excited for this semester. My 2 classes seem really good: Energy and the Environment in Canada (sounds straight forward, hopefully more policy based than science based, though I do have a background in climate change science now, thanks Prof. Higuchi) & Politics, Performance, and the Art of Resistance: Literature and Art in Postcolonial and Transnational Environments (yes, that is the full course title, sounds incredibly interesting and topical).

Let's just focus on surviving these 2 courses. And then, think. I will GRADUATE.

Pitter patter.


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