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I'll just keep on throwing middle fingers in the air.
Björk: Forgive This Tribe

The last few days have been so depressing, and I have not handled them well. I went to Dayna's the other night and that was lovely. But besides that, I have been so anxious and unfocused and sad. Returning from Florida was the worst, I really did not want to leave, it was a great trip and way too short. And coming back to my lonely house was a shock to my system. Reality is fucking awful.

No surprise here, I am stressed and overwhelmed by my school work. And have basically backed myself into the dreaded corner (that I am all too familiar with). I have a paper due tomorrow but it's due online, so I'm putting it off and I have decided to write it wednesday and thursday, to submit by thursday night. Late by 2 days and I do not give a shit.

Right now, I am instead trying to prep for classes tomorrow, should have started this days ago, but nope, I'm a garbage person.
So, I have a 30 pg article on federal climate change policy and a whole Audre Lorde book to read. Bahahaha. The climate change one I have started and am making notes on. The other is not going to happen. I have read enough Lorde to bullshit my way through that class, and I can read a couple chapters on the bus maybe.


Like I have said here more times than I can count: I hate/judge myself more than anybody else could ever hate/judge me.

Drinking a coffee to help me stay up at least a few more hours to get some shit done.
Listening to my Study EDM playlist to get me jacked for this hardcore reading sesh.
And livejournal saves me by letting me work through some thoughts so I can get down to business. Thanks, braj.

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