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Hold me closer, I'm wasting away. Hold me closer, I'm too fucked to stand.
Björk: Forgive This Tribe
So hey.

Some things:

  • Finished an assignment this evening, that made me so proud of myself. It was already late by a few days, and usually when I'm in this position I just say fuck it, why bother. But I did it and submitted it and my prof said he wouldn't even take marks off. Righteous.

  • School shit to do: Group essay and presentation due next Thursday the 1st (haven't started), 2 smaller reflections due and a potluck on the 5th (sort of started), Exam on the 8th (FUCK), & a huge research paper due on the 12th (MAJOR FUCK, and no, I haven't started it yet). I will be hating everything in the next 2 and a half weeks.

  • BUT THEN I'M DONE THE SEMESTER. Just need to get my shit together, and pass... just barely pass, that's all I need.

  • I have been watching an obnoxious amount of That 70s Show on Netflix. Though it is mostly just because I need background noise. My house is too fucking quiet without my parents here, so I put it on when I'm cooking, doing the dishes, when I'm going to sleep, and sometimes even when I'm reading or studying haha. I have seen most episodes already, but it makes me so happy when I find ones that I've never seen. But like, I've gone through almost 5 seasons in the span of a week. I have a problem.

  • I made some beautiful oatmeal raisin chocolate chip spice cookies made with quinoa flour; they are crack.

  • I think i say this every christmas, but my goal is to read more. I've recently found some of my old books and bought a few that I reaally am looking forward to reading.

  • I am so excited for christmas to come and therefore to be done schooliosis, and also holiday decorating and baking and drinking and shopping. And seeing my fam. SO SOON.

  • Not going to say that this solves all my problems or anything because it's probably the opposite... but my nails are always fierce these days. Right now they are a holo berry shade. They are magnificent. And I can't be sad when my nails look this dope.



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